Spiritual words

Prayer- conversation and reconciliation with God

    • Foto: Bogdan Zamfirescu

      Foto: Bogdan Zamfirescu

Prayer is the conversation and union of man with God, strength of the world, mother of tears, cleansing of sins.

Prayer can get out of hell human souls and resurrect bodies, uproot mountains and trees and plant their seed in the wet nature of water, as we some improved people did. Briefly, Christians should put faith and piety in everything they want to accomplish, and not to doubt deep in their heart, and the Lord will listen to them, as He said in the Holy Gospel.

Silent prayer is thus greatly praised by Basil the Great “Prayer is the conversation and union of man with God, strength of the world, mother of tears, cleansing of sins, bridge of temptations, suppression of war, angels’ work, source of good deeds, intercessor of gifts, enlightenment of mind, nourishment of soul, dismissal of ignorance and sadness, proof of reliability, wealth of ascetics, cessation of wrath, embodiment of ascension.”

And finally, prayer is for those who rightly pray, judgement and divan of Christ, before the Judgement that will come, namely: prayer is for those who pray as a judgement before the Dreadful Judgement at the second coming of Christ, where the sinner condemns himself so that he will be saved at the latter. Blessed is the one who weeps through prayer, in front of God, because he will not be judged at the Dreadful Judgement. This is why, dear brethren, when you start your prayer, leave all your worries, all earthly feelings aside, leave the world and the sea, surpass the stars of heaven, look beyond the many-eyed cherubim and seraphim with six wings, rise your mind above all creation and try to understand the godly, untold, incomprehensible nature, founded, tree folded, undivided, unapproachable light, untold power, not crafted beauty closely linked with the humble spirit, and impossible to express in words. There, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, tree folded God. Three eternal Gods in one chair, all in one nature. One God, one Lord, all-encompassing and blessing. One God and Might. One Lord of Lords and King of kings.

(Translated from Agapie CriteanuMântuirea păcătoșilor, Editura Egumenița, 2009, pp. 359-360)