Wake Your Soul Up!


What state of the soul generates prayer, obedience, humbleness and protecting of faith? What is the virtue that makes us be alive and that we always must treasure? Watchfulness is the foundation of our spiritual work. We need to be watchful and eliminate routine, banality and idleness from our soul as the weed from a beautiful garden.

The Holy Fathers say that both family life as well as the monastic one need to have their spring in the Divine Liturgy that offers us the Body and Blood of our Lord. The priest in his kneed, prays so that the partaking with the Holy Sacraments will serve for the faithful for the purification of soul, for remission of sins, for the communion of the Holy Spirit, for the fulfillment of the Kingdom of Heaven; for boldness towards Thee, and not for judgment or condemnation.

His Eminence Teophan said once that the watchfulness of the soul is the most important thing in life. If you have that, you also have prayer, obedience, humbleness and sacrifice as well as defending faith. The numbness of the soul brings with it all possible evil.

Don’t you ever be satisfied with the condition in which you are now, but you should always see your shortcomings and aim towards the One Who perfects everything. You will not be judged according to what you have accomplished, but for what you have wished, the effort that we made even if sometimes we fell, we didn’t remain on the ground but we have risen and started all over again. And if in the hour of death we would wish to raise our soul, God will see our diligence and as he did with the one who repented in the eleventh hour and will have mercy on us as with those who have struggled from the first moment.