Spiritual words

This is what you have to do in order to be fruitful to Christ

    • Foto: Oana Nechifor

      Foto: Oana Nechifor

Same as the wheat is buried in earth in order to be fruitful, so does man need to receive the symbolic “death” so that he may live for Christ as a new man. 

“If the grain of wheat, when it falls on earth does not die, it remains alone. However, if it does die, many fruits it will bear. ” Thus, “die” if you want to be fruitful, “die” so that you feel in your heart that you died. Be as the dead people, indifferent to anything that surrounds you: if they praise you – remain silent, if they argue with you – do not say anything, you win – do not say anything, you are satiated – do not say anything, if you are hungry – do not say anything.

Thus be towards all that surrounds you, and in your heart try and be as the dead people who find themselves in front of God, ready to listen His verdict of judgement.

 “But which are the fruits, you will say, since everything will be lost?” No, it will not be lost, you will become much more energetic! “I only have a moment”, you will say to yourself “the judgement will come now: I should hurry and work a little bit more”, and you will think like this at all times.

(Translated from Sfântul Teofan ZăvorâtulTâlcuiri din Sfânta Scriptură pentru fiecare zi din an, Editura Sophia, București, pp. 85-86)