Where is love, there is endurance


Purifying love

If you don’t love your neighbour, how can you ask the love of God? If you cannot stand your co-slave, how will you dare standing in front of God? Love is, where endurance is (Homily to the Ephesians 9).

When love spreads its cure, which is kindness, maintains the purity of virtue.

Love purifies everything (Homily to the Ephesians 33).

Once a man is filed with love, he leaves aside all his anger (Homily to the Ephesians 34).

Since the root of all virtues is love, we should plant its seed deep in our hearts in order to collect its everlasting fruits. The source of fornication is no other than the lack of love.

(Translated from Sfântul Ioan Gură de AurTexte alese, vol. 1, traducere de Preot Ioan Andrei Târlescu, ediție îngrijită de Ierom. Porfirie Nichita, Editura Bunavestire, Bacău, 2012, pp. 40-41)