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How Can I Become an Ideal Husband?

    • Photo: Oana Nechifor

      Photo: Oana Nechifor

Everybody needs time to become an ideal husband.

One does not become an ideal husband in a day. Husbands are not instructed in a special school but they need a preparation period, and the same goes for ideal wives. Each of them prepares themselves since birth and before it.

It is easy to understand how one can prepare for marriage since birth – through parental education as well as self-education, but exactly how one prepares for it before being born is more difficult to understand. However, it was proven that parents, before having a baby, prepare themselves so that their child will become an ideal husband or wife. Not everybody takes this into consideration.

(Translation from: Părintele Nicolae Tănase, Soțul ideal, soția ideală, Editura Anastasis, 2012, p. 119)