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How much Dedication Can You Have in Your Marriage If You Are Already Sentimentally Exhausted?

    • Photo: Oana Nechifor

      Photo: Oana Nechifor

The preparation of the bride and groom before marriage is very important, as well as their sentimental and physical condition but also the answer to the question: how much you can dedicate yourself to your husband or wife because it depends on your spiritual exhaustion.

One of the ancient philosophers said very clearly that, in ten years you will feel sorry even if you get married or not. And if you can resist the situation in this humoristic spirit, then sitting on the side of the road, on the foundation of your house thinking that after an argument you may all of a sudden find yourself with a bucket of water poured in your head, as Xantippe did to Socrates and all the passers laughed at him. And you know what he said? “After so many thunders and lightening it was about time for rain to come!” If you can endure this, of course that is very good.

Don’t think that we are some experts in the field, we have read a bit about it and we have a great confession experience. Saint John Chrysostom says that the ears of a priest are the most soiled things in the world. Why? Because they hear all sort of things. This is how things are in this regard. You need to understand how important virginity is for Christianity (this being a characteristic of the Church) and even Saint John Chrysostom encourages Christians to keep it. Be careful because it doesn’t matter for how long you live your youth. There is another thing, more important than that -  if when you are getting married you are worthy of receiving the crown on your head and, how much you can dedicate yourself to your husband or wife depending on your spiritual exhaustion.

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