From Melancholy to Repentance - the Road to Healing


If you find your path towards God, melancholy is converted into repentance and the inferiority feeing is converted into humbleness.

First of all, man delivers himself mentally. But since this is a manifestation on a spiritual level, he also delivers himself from a spiritual point of view. Thus, the road to spiritual life is opened. He may not have mental problems, he may only be selfish and have other sins. Even if he is sound from a psychological point of view, he is not delivered from a spiritual point of view. The other one has mental problems, but with faith, he kills two birds with one stone. He delivers himself both spiritually and mentally.

If you find your path towards God, melancholy is converted into repentance. You have an awful feeling of inferiority and you don’t know when it starts and what its consequences are. The inferiority feeling can be converted into humbleness. A monk can struggle for years in order to attain humbleness. The one with inferiority feelings understands, he lowers his head and the inferiority feeling is converted into humbleness. The one with superiority feelings will not deliver himself easily but the one with inferiority feelings can easily achieve humbleness. He only needs to accept it and work with it.

(Translation from: Arhimandrit Simeon Kraiopoulos, Sufletul meu, temnița mea, traducere de Cristian Spătărelu, Editura Bizantină, București, 2009, p. 116)